Det märkliga gisslanprogrammet Whiterose sprider sig just nu i Europa, ett ransomware som inte bara låser offrets filer utan även lämnar av en dikt i sitt kravbrev. Det skriver Bleeping computer.

Såhär lyder dikten:

I do not think about selling white roses again. This time, I will plant all the white roses of the garden to bring a different gift for the people of each country. No matter where is my garden and where I am from, no matter if you are a housekeeper or a big company owner, it does not matter if you are the west of the world or its east, it's important that the white roses are endless and infinite. You do not need to send letters or e-mails to get these roses. Just wait it tomorrow. Wait for good days with White Rose. 

I hope you accept this gift from me and if it reaches you, close your eyes and place yourself in a large garden on a wooden chair and feel this beautiful scene to reduce your anxiety and everyday tension. 

Thank you for trusting me. Now open your eyes. Your system has a flower like a small garden; A white rose flower.

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Exakt vem som ligger bakom Whiterose är oklart, men denne cyberrymdens Tranströmer tycks vara ungefär lika bra på kryptering som på poesi. För säkerhetsexperten Michael Gillespie har redan lyckats knäcka krypteringen som används.

Den som drabbas kan därför besöka Bleeping computers forumtråd om Whiterose som guidar vidare till hur filerna kan låsas upp.